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Friday, June 13, 2008

Date sorting issue in TSQL!

In MS SQL Server 2000 on back end and on front end i tried to to show the data while accessing data from table i was trying to sort date in descending order but it shows below invalid order.


the exact order that i wants was


which was not coming in front so me for this i tried the blow methods.
Even i used below code in c# to sort my data table before its display but still sorting is not valid.
//datatable is populated before all the below lines
//we can assign datatable as DataScource to data grid and bind also
//but the result will be the same as i discussed in this pose
DataView dv = datatable.DefaultView;
dv.Sort = "TaskDate";
// "TaskDate" is column of datatable
this.dgTaskReport.DataSource = dv;
//dgTaskReport is data grid name

But actually i was populating the datatable using stored procedure and in my stored procedure i was getting the date as it so the stored procedure was taking date as string now i converted the date into exact date formate so the sorting is fine as i want.
stored procedure is as under

IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sysobjects
WHERE name = 'spBookTask' AND type = 'P')
CREATE PROCEDURE spBookTask ( @bookid varchar(50))
SELECT dbo.ufn_GetDateOnly(tblTaskSheet.TaskDate) as TaskDate
FROM tblTaskDetails
WHERE (tblTaskDetails.BookId = @bookid)
Order by convert(varchar(16), tblTaskDetails.TaskDate, 101) asc

spBookTask '10003'

Muhammad Hussain
Global Guide Line Team.
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